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We are always striving to be the best, but we here at SHANY need your help. Your thoughts and opinions help us develop the best products for our #SHANYnation.

How to Leave a Review

  1. If you'd like to leave a review for a product please sign into your account. If you do not have an account, please make one.
  2. Navigate to the product you would like to review.
  3. When you are on the product's page, find the Reviews tab (the tab will be on top of the box with the product's long description).
  4. Click on the Reviews tab, and then fill out the information for the review. (If there are other reviews, the form to fill out will appear at the end of the previous reviews.) You do not have to leave a long review, but the more information you leave, the more helpful it is to both the SHANY team as well as other buyers.

You can search for your product in the search box below or the search box at the top of any page in the SHANY website.

Here are some ways to best use the search box to find your product:

  • Search by SKU (ex: SH-7L)
  • Search by product's color name (ex: Victory, Genie, Flirt, etc)
  • Search by product's name (full or partial) in quotation marks (ex: "Beauty Cliche", "Beauty Book")
    • Or you can find your product by navigating through the menus at the top of the page.

      Safety First

      In order to validate authenticity of each review, all customers who wish to leave a review must do so signed into their own account. If you do not have an account, it is easy to set up and is completely free. Please note that it may take extra time for reviews to update on a product page.

      Reviews and Resolution

      If you are having issues with your product(s) and seek help and/or resolution, please contact our Customer Service department directly. Submitted reviews are not monitored on a daily basis and we would love to help you in a timely manner.

      Why isn't my review posted yet?

      Unfortunately, our review system is not monitored on a daily basis. In order to speed up the process of getting your review posted please keep the following in mind:

      • Keep on topic - We humbly ask that the reviews of products are restricted to the product in question.
      • Say how you feel about the product, and keep it authentic. Reviews that are outlandishly false or contain falsehoods will not be posted or may be deleted.
      • Don't use reviews as a way to seek resolution - As stated above, please contact our Customer Services by email or phone in order to seek resolution over issues with your product or shipping troubles. We do not want to encourage using reviews as a way to contact customer service. Reviews containing content dealing with shipping or customer service will not be posted.
      • Please post only one review per product - Multiple reviews on one product do not get pushed through faster.
      • If a review looks like it was only half finished (for example, it cuts off in the middle of a sentence), we will not post it, because that can be confusing to other customers. You do not have to make a long review of a product, but more information is helpful to us and the #SHANYnation
      • Any review containing any rudeness or obscenities will be deleted and not posted.

      We maintain the right to not publish or delete reviews that are off topic for the product, blatantly false, obviously incomplete, customer service queries, and/or contain rudeness or obscenities.

      I can't submit my review

      Before attempting to submit your review, please log in to your account. If you are signed in, and are still having difficulties, please contact us and our IT department can investigate the problem.

      I purchased my SHANY products from another marketplace, can I still submit my review?

      Yes! However, as stated above, if you are seeking resolution with a seller, please contact the seller’s Customer Services directly, as we cannot help you unless you made a purchase through this website.

      I want to upload images of my product

      Unfortunately, we can’t do that… yet. We are working towards a bigger and better review system to be available sometime in 2016. We will make an announcement when that new review system is implemented.